Welcome to Awaken Your Soul


We are thrilled to hear that you have decided to join us at Awaken Your Soul to co-create with the sacred medicine. You are about to embark on an incredibly powerful week and we are honored to receive you in this beautiful jungle. You most likely have already felt the medicine begin to work!

Below you will find some IMPORTANT action items to complete before your arrival. PLEASE do not skip this step so as to make your arrival here as seamless and stress free as possible.

1. Preparatory Videos:

To support you in preparation for your retreat, we offer guests Prep videos. See the videos at the bottom of the page.

2. Travel Information:

Send Anthony your Flight Info, Arrival Dates, Hotel Info, etc. See more information below as well as "What to Bring & How to Prepare" docs.

3. Guest Workbook:

Complete your Guest Workbook, please complete this at least two days before your arrival.

4. EKG:

If you plan to complete an EKG with your doctor ahead of time, please send me the results (this is typically for guests with pre-existing cardiac conditions; if your heart is healthy we recommend you have it done here for $100 with our doctors).

5. Liver Flush:

As the primary organ responsible for the metabolism of Iboga, we HIGHLY suggest this Liver Flush Protocol to support your experience 4-7 days before your retreat.

SEE IMPORTANT information below:

Reminder (Rainy season in Costa Rica is from approximately May - November. Please bring a raincoat and suitable shoes if you are traveling around this time)

NOTE: If you plan to bring a laptop, iPad, or sizeable electronic device, please be aware that the moisture in the jungle can damage your device- (t has happened only a few times during rainy season only). Wrapping your device in a towel or placing it in a 2 gallon ziplock bag will suffice to protect it.

Travel information to support your journey:

Hotel Information

If you arrive before the retreat starting date we recommend staying at either Courtyard by Marriott or Fairfield by Marriott.

Getting to AYS

Our AYS Guest Shuttle will pick you up along with the other guests at the Courtyard by Marriott (Alajuela), on the retreat start date. The Courtyard by Marriott is just 5 minutes away from SJO and can be accessed via the free Marriott shuttle or alternatively by taxi (for about $5).

Arrival Airport (SJO):

Juan Santamaria International (SJO) - please land no later than 1 pm (CST) so that you are able to catch our AYS guest shuttle from the Courtyard by Marriott.

Download or take a screen shot of this information card that you can simply show customs from your phone when you reach the agent. You may not have WIFI connection so be sure to save it to your phone. It will help you pass smoothly as it has relevant address information on it.

Getting to our guest shuttle pick-up point from the airport:

Once you are out of customs head outside to the sidewalk, make a right and walk until you see this white sign with the names of several hotels (it will be on your right). You can wait here for the free Marriott shuttle (or flag a taxi) and catch it to the Courtyard by Marriott (Alajuela), it is a quick 5 minute drive. 

The AYS Guest Shuttle will pick you up from Courtyard by Marriott between 2:30pm-3:15pm (CST) on your retreat start date with a sign that says 'Awaken Your Soul'; please wait for the driver outside at the pick up time.

Departing from Awaken Your Soul

Taxi to SJO Airport:

On the final day, our shuttle will drive you back to SJO with a pickup time between 9:30am–10:30am.

If you have an early flight, we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up earlier (this costs $70 USD).

We can also arrange a private taxi for you if you are traveling to another destination in Costa Rica after the retreat (the cost varies depending on the destination).

If you have not already, please install WhatsApp Messenger, which will assist in any direct communications and we will create a group thread for your retreat week.  

This experience is one of a kind and we commend your courage and desire to walk a path of healing and learning; we truly do change the world through healing ourselves! If you have any questions along the way please feel free to reach out to Anthony via email or WhatsApp +1.305.505.6130

Welcome to Awaken Your Soul

What to “Expect” During Retreat

Iboga Preparation & Integration

Start Your Journey

Thank you for your willingness to enhance your life experience. This is an important commitment and we are grateful that you are interested in working with us! Please tell us a bit about yourself and we will connect to see if it is a good fit.

We would also love to speak with you directly. Please don’t hesitate to call via phone or WhatsApp or submit the private and encrypted form.