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Meet the Awaken Your Soul Tribe

At our Iboga retreat our approach is a graceful blend of traditional Missoko Bwiti rituals, shamanism, modern psychology, somatic and energetic healing and our deep trust in our souls path.

For our tribe, serving the spirit of this transformational medicine is the commitment of a lifetime. With 4 decades of combined experience, the healing and facilitation team at our Iboga retreat is highly trained to hold a powerful and compassionate space in this sacred container. While we are fully in service to create a safe and trauma-informed environment for our guests to heal, our own personal work is the foundation of our practice.

Our role as a guide begins with a willingness, a humility and a deep curiosity to discover the deepest truths within ourselves first and foremost. While working and training with Iboga, we also use several other holistic modalities and teachers to expand our perceptions and support ourselves and others.

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