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Renata Osorio

Facilitator in Training, Reiki Master, Integration Coach

Renata began working with plant medicines in 2010 in Peru. She was drawn to Ayahuasca and Wachuma to aid in her healing process and opioid addiction. Over the course of four years she worked with healers and plant teachers to deepen her knowledge of Self and began to build a relationship and foundation for her spiritual path in life. Peru is also where she vigorously trained under her Reiki master for 3 months, receiving her first and second attunements.

While these experiences were expansive for her growth, she still felt she had deeper healing to do. In 2017, she was given the opportunity to sit with the master teacher plant Iboga. This experience was so impactful she knew she had found her teacher, not only in the medicine, but within herself. Over the next 5 years she sat in ceremony with Iboga yearly, coming twice to Awaken Your Soul and was initiated in Africa with the Bwiti with Amber in 2018. These experiences allowed her to heal generational trauma and programming she hadn't been previously conscious of. Experiencing the power of this medicine and her deep connection to it, she knew her calling was working with it to support others along their healing journey.

In 2018 Renata was reunited with her Reiki master receiving her final attunement becoming a Reiki Master and teacher. This is an area where her intuition is finely tuned and very potent. Renata also studies Quantum Reflex Analysis and detoxification. QRA is a form of kinesiology to test gland and organ strength. This testing combined with detoxing and replenishing the system on a cellular level is an amazing tool to aid in balancing the physical, mental and emotional body.

Renata teaches Reiki, is a preparation and integration coach for psychedelic experiences and is currently training to become an Iboga Provider. She is humbled at the opportunity to share time at Awaken Your Soul and offer her gifts as a healer as well as receive more of her own healing and wisdom along this path!

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