Iboga Safety

Iboga is an incredibly safe medicine, as long as the user has a healthy heart and is not using any substances. The vast majority of any health implications have been a result of use of Iboga or Ibogaine for drug detoxing purposes or situations where a heart condition was irresponsibly overlooked. Conversely Iboga actually greatly assists in the overall improvement of our physical health, not only in it’s ability to remove toxicity but also because we store an enormous amount of emotional pain in our cellar memory. When the suffering in the mind begins to ease, the body lets go and vice versa.

At Awaken Your Soul we do not work with anyone who is physically dependent on any substance. Every guest is required to have an Electrocardiogram (EKG) in advance as well as a liver panel if there is a history of liver issues or severe alcohol abuse. The EKG can be done with your doctor or on site here. Our doctor Natasha is specially trained to be looking at specifics in the EKG that are particular to Iboga and cannot be read by another doctor.

Natasha is emergency room trained and is on site for the ceremony and on call throughout our weekly retreats. Our guests are required to fill out a detailed health form sighting basic physical and mental health history which we pay close attention to. We have one facilitator to every 2 guests and we are very hands on, especially during the ceremony and discovery day (day following the ceremony).

Costa Rica is a very safe and easy country to travel in, there is no military and the country slogan is “Pura Vida” meaning Pure Life. The water is safe to drink, the air is impeccably clean and the jungle where we live is quite safe with only one type of snake to be mindful of. The Terceopello is often easily spotted and we have seen only a handful in the years that we have been here. Working with this medicine is the experience of a lifetime and a very safe one at that!

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