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Using Iboga for More Than Just Addiction

Using Iboga for More Than Just Addiction Treatment

In recent years, interest in plant medicine has grown and we have entered a psychedelic renaissance as more and more people move away from conventional treatments for mental and emotional disorders, especially when it comes to the healing powers of psychedelic medicines such as iboga and ayahuasca.

Love is Everything

Love is Everything! How Iboga Helps You Find It

LOVE is everywhere, in everything, it is a vital energy that makes the world go around. LOVE is ultimately the glue that holds us together, that keeps us in the light. LOVE equals connection…and connection is the deepest thing that the human spirit craves.

Iboga Can Heal The Mind

Iboga Can Heal The Mind - Why It Works Not Only For Addiction

Iboga is known as one of the most powerfully transformative hallucinogenic plant medicines that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. But what makes it so capable of impacting such profound change in our lives, even after only a couple of ceremonies?

Iboga vs. Ayahuasca

Iboga vs. Ayahuasca ~ Which Plant Medicine Is Right For You?

This post shares the similarities and contrasts of Iboga vs. Ayahuasca for those interested in exploring the use of sacred plant medicine.

Navigating an Iboga Ceremony

Thirteen Tips for Navigating an Iboga Ceremony

Often, those exploring the use of plant medicine are curious for some tips on navigating an Iboga ceremony. There is no right or wrong way to do this work.

Breathwork for Healing

Breathwork for Healing

Much like Iboga- Breathwork has certainly helped change my life. The two modalities are nothing alike in the experience, but both are used to release stored trauma and free emotional blockages, ultimately bringing us more presence and peace, yay!

How to Heal Emotional Trauma

How to Heal Emotional Trauma

We all experience some level of emotional trauma in our lives. For some of us this runs deeper than others but certainly, we are all impacted by some sort of events that stays with us.

Iboga & Psychedelics Integration Tips

11 Tips for Integrating Iboga & Other Psychedelics

Returning to wholeness doesn’t happen overnight. No matter how profound and transformative an expanded state experience, there is more to explore. We have to be willing to continue to truly look beneath the wounded layers in order to uncover them and fully reclaim our beauty. This is what integration is all about.

Iboga Retreats in Africa

Iboga Retreats in Africa

Our Iboga retreat in Africa dive deeper into the Bwiti tradition and the healing of this powerful visionary medicine. Visitors will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the heart of the jungle, connecting to Gabon’s sacred people and ancient medicine.

Bwiti Rites Of Passage

Bwiti Rites Of Passage

Part of what’s missing in Western culture is the acknowledgement, the ceremonial movement, from childhood into woman- or manhood.

Soul Cleansing

Soul Cleansing

Throughout our life, how we treat ourselves affects how brightly we shine. If we surround ourselves with negative individuals, situations, or behaviors, we energetically collect and store energies that do not serve us. The energies and thoughts of our mind can also create emotional blockages in our bodies.

Becoming an Iboga Provider

Becoming an Iboga Provider

For the Iboga provider, holding space with compassion, love, integrity and humility is the bridge that connects the journeyer to the medicine.Holding that sacred space means embodying truth to serve as a clear channel for the medicine to do its work. The provider is a vessel for the medicine’s truth. And the rooted, present, grounded energies of Iboga are reflected in those who work with it.

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