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Love is Everything! How Iboga Helps You Find It

Love is Everything



LOVE is everywhere, in everything, it is a vital energy that makes the world go around. LOVE is ultimately the glue that holds us together, that keeps us in the light. LOVE equals connection…and connection is the deepest thing that the human spirit craves. This type of LOVE and connection comes in all forms and knows no boundaries. LOVE is always available to support us, to ground us in truth, to move us through any and every challenge we face.

Conversely, the lack of LOVE and connection almost decidedly WILL cause a hallow emptiness from deep within. This disconnect applies to relationships with others and most importantly to our love and connection with our own divine soul. When presented with the word LOVE, typically we think of LOVE for others or their LOVE for us. Yet fierce and unwaivering LOVE of self is truly the most important love we can know.

We enter this life with such a beautiful innocence, a sweet babe in wonder of the world around us. Then little by little, as our environment begins to inform us in different ways, we morph and mould into seeing our reality through the lens of our family constructs, the belief systems of our teachers and peers and of course through the lens of our traumas. We create our identity and beliefs based on what we inherit, not typically from our own unique truths. Little by little we become more and more disconnected to our soul, and this halts the flow of LOVE of self and others.

The quest to heal this disconnect is why most people seek the profound healing of psychedelic plant medicines such as Iboga, the foundational tool of Awaken Your Soul retreats. Iboga is the root of a small shrub from West Africa that when ingested can take the participant on an incredible and transformative journey into the depths of personal discovery. This journey will almost always begin to heal the core wounds of their negative beliefs systems, traumas and ultimately addressing the quality of ones relationship to self. One of the most potent missions of the Iboga medicine is to connect us to our personal power, which is deeply rooted in self LOVE. With attentive integration of this sacred experience the participant will truly being to transform their life.

Therapies such as this have been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years as a method of mental, emotional and physical healing. In the last 20 years there has been a surge in awareness and clinical study around the efficacy of a variety of these medicines. They are being used to heal the ailing mind and repair spiritual connection in an increasingly disconnected western world. In addition to Iboga, these plant medicines also include, but are not limited to- ayahuasca, cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote and huachuma (aka san pedro).

Through much of our life we are taught that LOVE is conditional- especially self LOVE. We are graded in school, measured against our peers, punished if we are “bad”, rewarded if we are “good”, told we are pretty/ugly, thin/fat, smart/stupid, athletic/lazy, and on and on and on. Growing up we are programmed to believe that we have to be better, do better. More often than not we begin to believe that we are unlovable if we do not perform appropriately. It is rare that we are held, loved, nurtured and comforted for simply being who we are.

Iboga shows us that not only are these conditions toxic and dangerous, they are completely untrue, that we are unconditionally worthy of LOVE always, in all ways. By helping to cut through the false layers of our conditioning, and see our lives from our higher self- Iboga unlocks our capacity to LOVE ourselves and others fiercely and unconditionally. Iboga wants us to have compassion for this complex journey of the human spirit. Undoubtedly, we will cause pain to ourselves and others, yet we learn along this path that we are all simply doing the best that we can in every moment, and that we are still lovable no matter the behaviors of our shadow. This type of true forgiveness is powerful medicine, one that is deeply rooted in LOVE. It is a coming home to ourselves.

Working with this medicine is not the only way to unconditional love but it is a very quick and direct path to shedding the blocks in the way of this connection, a connection that can truly heal thyself and the world as a whole. Iboga is fast, direct and sacred teacher that is a profound gift from this magnificent planet.

This post was inspired by an incredible guest who visited us in November. Chrissie Lam has spent her last several years devoting her life to this beautiful project that first started out as a photo book documenting a global pilgrimage about love, later evolving into what you will read in the description below. Chrissie and Bogie “aka Iboga” went incredibly deep together during the week that she was here, cleaning the wounds of her ancestry, anxiety and physical body among so many other things. This woman is truly an inspiration!

“Why LOVE? Well, in a world that can feel heavy, divided, and discouraging at times, there is only one thing that helps us to thrive—LOVE. It’s the single common thread that connects us all. So, with one small idea and one bracelet, I founded Love Is Project.”

– Chrissy Lam

The Love Is Project was created to spread the Love with our collection of artisan made LOVE bracelets from around the world. Our bracelets serve as a reminder to love and be loved. More than just a bracelet, the Love Is Project creates jobs for over 2000 female artisans in ten countries, supporting families, paying for school fees and investing in additional income generating projects. Each handmade bracelet is inspired by the culture and the craftsmanship of each country. We give agency to our artisans to empower themselves. In addition, Love Is Project donates % of profits to non-profit organizations. Celebrate diversity and share what love means to you. Love connects us all!

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