What is Iboga

Why do we use Iboga?

There are many reasons we are called to Iboga; for some, it may be to investigate deeper spiritual truths and aspects of consciousness that crave exploration. For others, Iboga offers an opportunity to restore balance to the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies brought out of alignment due to residual traumas left unresolved. And for some, like the Bwiti, the call is rooted in the initiatory ceremonial passage into adulthood celebrated with community and family. Yet, despite the individual nature of the calling, there does remain a common thread shared between each. That something deep in the psyche, deep in the soul, something rooted in the Spirit realm has awakened, and each has answered this call uniquely. 

Our role as space holders is to ensure that your experience with Iboga is held in a safe and nurturing container filled with support and compassion. We understand that some guests will arrive with a deep-rooted sense of peace and clarity, while others may desperately seek lasting change. No matter which ends of the spectrum they might fall on, our team is dedicated to cultivating the ideal environment to fully support your time here in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica with Iboga. 

It is important to remember that coming to Iboga is not only about trauma, wounding, harshness, and darkness. Instead, we've found that when held in a safe container, the medicine often exudes a comedic and gentle approach toward its teachings, reminding us there are many paths toward our intentions, healing, and liberation.

How does this plant medicine work?

Iboga is known to be the greatest hunter for the truth inside of us. When we discover our truth, and we have seen how our lives are operating at a dysfunctional level- we cannot “unsee”, the switch has been flipped. It is no longer comfortable living in the same patterns that once felt so ‘safe,’ and destructive behaviors are magnified tenfold. Once we become aware, we are blessed with the responsibility to create change.

It is important to note: that while this is a powerful medicine on many levels, it does not DO the work for us. We must respond to the teachings and implement new behaviors and create new thought patters. The Iboga retreat is just the beginning of the journey. The medicine will help guide the way but we must decide to walk the path every day to create new grooves. Click here for more on what to expect from the integration process.

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