Ibogaine Detox Treatment

This page is dedicated for information only. Awaken Your Soul does not offer any type of drug/substance detox. We do NOT work with Ibogaine. We work with the full natural Iboga Root.

The discovery of Ibogaine in the 1960’s was the beginning of Iboga making its way out of Africa’s jungles.

A man-made, powerful extract of the Iboga root, Ibogaine detox treatment has demonstrated considerable potential in the treatment of addiction to heroin, cocaine, crack, and alcohol. Ibogaine’s healing properties have proven effective in treating opiate addiction—specifically in halting opiate withdrawal.

For someone who is physically dependent on substance, the thought of entering a heavy, excruciating withdrawal period is frightening. Ibogaine causes a massive reduction in the physical symptoms of drug withdrawal, and by resetting the opiate receptor sites, allows for a rapid detox that does not require the use of pharmaceuticals.

Awaken Your Soul Detox Treatment

Once ingested into the body, Ibogaine is converted into Nor-Ibogaine, a metabolite, through the liver and is stored in the body’s fat cells. This metabolite is what eliminates cravings and removes the desire to use substance. In many cases, upon leaving an Ibogaine detox treatment, participants report that all physical effects of their substance dependence have been eliminated. In other cases, it may take longer for these effects to be felt, but the intensity of the physical dependency has greatly diminished.

An Ibogaine detox replenishes the levels of serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins in the brain, resetting them to a pre-addicted state. This replenishment ushers a person into physical recovery in a far more nurturing and gentle manner than by giving up substance cold-turkey.

Ibogaine possesses naturally-occurring antidepressant effects, which can and often institute a deep sense of well-being in the patient, free from previous negative behavioral and thought patterns.

While it can be challenging for an individual to stop using drugs after a single session with Ibogaine, a well-versed and reputable Ibogaine detox program has infinite potential for recovery.

Ibogaine’s psychoactive nature provides the healing ability to guide many to understand and resolve deeper issues that cause addictive behavior. It will interrupt the physical addiction and provide an opportunity to explore why the addiction has manifested. After an Ibogaine detox, some individuals are called to experience the full Iboga root so they can work even deeper on themselves.

Individuals report a reduction in the desire to use drugs for a period of time after taking Ibogaine, typically between one week and several months. Thus, immediately following an Ibogaine substance detox, aftercare integration and recovery coaching can be helpful to secure long-term healing.

Ibogaine Detox in Mexico and Other Parts of the World

While we specialize in administering the full Iboga root for psycho-spiritual exploration, we also help guide those in need of a substance detox. Many Ibogaine clinics focus on treating individuals within the Western model, in a strictly medical setting. However, to experience the physical reset of this medicine and also access the parts of our being that led to addiction, it is vital for a patient to be in a clinical, yet spiritual, setting. This setting should be built around proper medical infrastructure for safety, while honoring the spiritual self-discovery that facilitates lasting transformation. Awaken Your Soul only recommends Ibogaine centers that are qualified to honor both the physical and spiritual aspects of this journey.

Awaken Your Soul works with individuals to determine appropriate care based on each unique situation. Once an individual’s needs and history are assessed, the patient is offered a well-structured, comprehensive program. This will include——but is not limited to——pre-care, an Ibogaine detox program, Iboga psycho-spiritual retreats in Costa Rica, and aftercare integration to provide the best support and opportunity for substance detoxification and deep healing.

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