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Iboga Can Heal The Mind - Why It Works Not Only For Addiction

Iboga Can Heal The MindIboga Can Heal The Mind

Iboga is known as one of the most powerfully transformative hallucinogenic plant medicines that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. But what makes it so capable of impacting such profound change in our lives, even after only a couple of ceremonies? Iboga is known as a mind medicine, helping to clear, clean and heal the the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

With a healthy and vibrant mind, overcoming even the greatest obstacles is possible. Human beings have the most developed and complex brains of any creature on earth, and thus when the mind is not in alignment, it can create infinite discord, pain and suffering. Conversely, when the mind able to let go of attachments, stale and limiting identities and allow painful experiences to become some of our greatest teachers, truly anything is possible!

Iboga begins to reveal the ways in which our mind is operating and gives us the very distinct opportunity to observe our conditioning, how we are attached to our story, and who we have become. It does this in a very clear fashion so there is no mistaking the messages, Iboga is very direct. Under the influence of the medicine and during our post-ceremony integration, Iboga adeptly guides us to see much of our life from a place of truth rather than how our mind has perceived things to be based on our core wounds and limiting beliefs.

With this change in perception comes an overwhelming sense of freedom from the chains of a lifetime of engrained thought patterns and programming. There also of course is a responsibility to learn to apply these new teachings, but Iboga gives us a road map. With the assistance of deliberate integration support and the willingness to change and apply what we are learning, we can heal on exponential levels.

So much of our experience of our lives comes from our perception. We actively have a choice in every moment of how we want to view what is happening in our life and in the world around us. Very few of us realize this however as we typically are not taught that we have this choice, and this choice comes from the mind.  We will find on occasion that someone who literally has almost nothing except the clothes on their back, can feel like the most blessed in the world. Just as someone incredibly wealthy can do nothing but complain and get trapped in a limiting perception, missing the intrinsic beauty around them. This comes from each individual’s assignment of “good vs bad” in each moment, the shift in perception starts with the thoughts.

Iboga shows us that we have this choice and begins to teach us new tools. Two people coming from the same deeply traumatic and abusive upbringing can respond in two very different ways. One goes on to become a healer, using their pain to build a bridge for other’s to heal (ex Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Adyashanti), while one becomes a violent perpetrator and an addict. Both of these paths are formed in the mind. The former moves from operating in the mind to operating from the heart, leveraging their suffering as a catalyst to learn more about who they truly are, while the latter stays trapped in the confusion, fear, pain, depression and anxiety that the mind has created. This comes from each individual’s perception of their life’s experience.

But many of us don’t actually know that we actually have a choice. Iboga shows us that we have a clear choice on how we engage in our life and that we do not have to let the pain from our past or the fear of the unknown future control us. It helps to give us the power to step out of our own way and permit life to unfold with beauty and harmony that is its natural flow.

The teachings from the Bwiti tradition, a spiritual path created through the use of Iboga, remind us that we are so much greater than the mind, that the mind is a part of us, but we are not our mind and that we are greater than our thoughts. It reminds us that we control the mind and can decide where to put or attention, that we can truly choose not to let the mind control us. Iboga teaches us the we are worthy no matter what and in this we are able to rise above the fluctuations of an often chaotic thought process. Iboga deconstructs the mind, for this is to root of all of our suffering.

By deconstructing the mind we are able to begin to create new realities, reconnecting to our innate power. We can even rewrite or reframe our past, therefore creating an entirely new present, and brilliant future and heal our relationship with our past. With this wisdom we can truly do anything. Much of the directives from Iboga come from the medicine accessing our soul, and allowing it to speak more loudly than the mind.

On a biological level Iboga can actually heal the brain tissue itself, regenerating neuroplasticity. While there is little extensive scientific study as of yet, there is anecdotal evidence that Iboga has had success improving such brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. It also is known to elevate dopamine and serotonin levels thus chemically restoring motivation, joy, relaxation, and an overall ability to handle life.

An article written by uses the metaphor of the effects of Ibogaine on the hardware and the software of the brain: “ibogaine has effects on both the “hardware” (e.g., neural circuitry, and neurotransmitters and their receptors) and “software” (e.g., personality, ego structure) of the brain.

Effects on the “software” are very potent because of the psychedelic nature of the drug, and a lot of users have claimed that the insight gained by these effects has allowed them to pursue profound changes in their lives”.

“Regarding the “hardware”, ibogaine has effects on several receptors in the brain and in the neurotransmitter systems. Especially important for our ongoing research is that ibogaine can promote the release of small proteins called “neurotrophic factors” in some parts of the brain”.

Ibogaine is only one of the many alkaloids found in Iboga and is used primarily for drug detox. It is isolated because it is the component that blocks the opiate receptors in the brain. While Ibogaine is still very powerful, Iboga is the full root with even more healing capacity on a physiological, mental/emotional and spiritual level.

We arrive into this world deeply connected and open, an innocent baby, incredibly vulnerable to the world around us. As the years unfold and our environment takes hold, we become less and less connected and absorb much of the fear and pain that is present in our family lives, thus imbedding the behaviors of those around us into our programming. With time we get further and further away from our souls, our true nature.

When we are able to see events of our past in a new light, not get swallowed up by worries of our future, remaining in the present moment, our souls have a chance to shine brightly. We can then allow the soul to guide us, and the mind takes a back seat, ready if we need it but not to call the shots.

Iboga also has the ability to give us a direct review of the past providing us clarity and wisdom with experiences that we may have blocked out or had trouble deciphering. It can also give us very clear glimpses of what may manifest in the future, predicting a negative outcome if we continue on a destructive path, or perhaps a beautiful snapshot of what our conscious creativity will produce if we stay true to our passions.

This medicine is not a magic bullet. While it scrubs the brain and the physical and emotional body leaving a cleaner container to install new information, wisdom and behaviors, it will not do the work for us. We must integrate the teachings and learn to implement new behavioral tools to create the most lasting impact.

At Awaken Your Soul we are passionate advocates of using different types of integration support after the Iboga experience, knowing that we are not alone in the healing process, and that the ceremonies and retreat are the jumping off point…the path to true self discovery never ends, but what an exciting and profound journey it is! Learning to embrace all aspects of ourselves and this incredible life truly is the magic bullet, and Iboga is a powerful tool to begin to achieve this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions about how Iboga can help you create profound and lasting change in your life!

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