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Anthony Esposito

Founder, Lead Iboga Provider and Bwiti Initiate

Anthony’s first Iboga experience was so profound that it was immediately clear that he would serve this sacred medicine and share the healing and wisdom of this powerful plant teacher. Anthony has an intrinsic and profound connection to the spirit of Iboga and has been cultivating his practice since 2013 when meeting Iboga changed his life.

Anthony experienced deep trauma during early childhood which echoed throughout his life. He developed the resilience needed to bounce back from these dense reverberations. Some have said that he has nine lives – indicating a will to never give up on life.

In 2010, Anthony experienced a profound turning point when he made the decision to stop taking the antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications which he had relied upon for so long. This was followed by an invitation to begin working with Ayahuasca. After dedicating himself to healing work with Ayahuasca, Anthony felt Iboga call him. Following his intuition, he went to Costa Rica and experienced Iboga for the first time. After two profound journeys, he knew he would dedicate himself to sharing the wisdom and healing of this plant medicine.

After his initial retreat, Anthony returned to Costa Rica to train with a 10th generation Bwiti shaman. Anthony has made pilgrimages to Gabon, where he has undertaken initiations, in both the Missoko and the Dissumba traditions and participated in a Bwiti Rite of Passage.

In January 2014, Anthony assisted Gary Cook in establishing the Iboga Wellness Center. A few years later Anthony became Gary’s business partner and the lead Iboga provider. In 2017 Anthony and Amber launched Awaken Your Soul which evolved into a full-time retreat in March 2019.

Anthony has developed an incredibly strong relationship with the spirit of Iboga. He has extensive experience in leading ceremonies, serving the medicine and guiding participants. Anthony is also deeply connected to the Amazonian Shipibo ‘Master Plant Dieta’ – to the deep wisdom and healing that can be found within the space and silence of this medicine.

“My work with Iboga starts with me. This sacred medicine has presented me with countless opportunities to face my truth. It has taught me to be a humble warrior of love, gratitude, courage, grace and abundance.

For decades I allowed my pain to control me, until I made the choice to value my life. My struggles have allowed me to cultivate myself — so that I may harness these experiences to be in service to others who are called to awaken to the light inside themselves.”

Anthony is lighthearted and playful. He finds so much joy in being a Papa to his daughter Luna and loves chasing her around the Costa Rican jungle.   Anthony is deeply connected to nature and loves to spend time outdoors, he is also very inspired by music and dancing. As a child and young adult, Anthony found solace in the focus and freedom he experienced while playing sport and remains dedicated to keeping his body vibrant and strong. He is a total foodie and loves to travel and explore other cultures. Anthony is committed to constantly learning and growing while being a humble and conscious leader for AYS and the Iboga community more broadly.

Anthony Awaken Your Soul

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