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Amber Antonelli

Founder, Iboga Provider, Bwiti Initiate, Lead Facilitator

For Amber being of service to the medicine has been a journey of the highest order. Since2013 her path with Iboga has taken her on the ride of a lifetime, calling her to dive deeply into her own past and psychology in a way she didn’t know was even know she had the courage or the need to do.

The work on herself and as a space-holder has also activated her intrinsic intuition and a natural ability to understand psychology, tuning in to the impact of adverse childhood experiences that humanity endures. She considers Iboga and her own personal journey to have presented the “curriculum of a lifetime”. During this study Amber has also created a profound relationship with The Universe, understanding the nature of reality in a way that is indescribably beautiful.

Amber grew up in a very loving yet broken home with two parents who were both wounded descendants from addicted and highly dysfunctional families. Though she experienced emotional and physical abuse, from the outside her childhood seemed rather easy with two very attentive and loving parents. It took Amber decades to truly see the dysfunction and the impact of the protective mechanisms she had built as a result.

When she and Anthony met in early 2007, they fell in love immediately and began their journey as soul partners the day they met. Many years were spent on the classic roller coaster that drives a codependent relationship. Through this mirror Amber began to see her own destructive behaviors, unmetabolized emotions and unhealthy conditioning. As she began to dig, she illuminated a deeper awareness of traumatic experiences that were calling for her attention.

Through the deepest dive into herself, Amber has been able to begin releasing fear, learning to embody her truth more and more authentically. She is constantly cleaning and clearing her own blockages in the quest for freedom with the utmost compassion and patience, knowing there is no end to this process. Amber believes that her own imperfections and vulnerabilities are also essential to be of the highest service to other’s conscious transformation.

An artist and a yogi, Amber was also a professional chef for well over two decades. Her passion for holistic wellness and hospitality is palpable at Awaken Your Soul. A devotee of yoga since 2006, Amber holds a 200 YTT certificate. She has studied Root Cause Therapy, Conscious Creation Coaching with Nanice Ellis, Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté, Transformational Recovery with Being True To You and is a Mesa Carrier in the Quero Indian tradition of Peru. Most of all Amber draws on her highly intuitive and compassionate nature as well as what she considers to be a double Ph.D in LIFE to inform her work ;).

Amber humbled to be a mother to their powerful daughter Luna, awed by the wonder and authentic truth that Luna's spirit embodies. Amber follows the credo that Luna’s authenticity will remain strong if she consciously works on her own unhealed wounds and allows Lunita to honestly express herself, something that we are all deserving of!

Amber Antonelli Awaken Your Soul

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