Iboga is a powerful sacred medicine, one that expands our minds beyond realities we can ever imagine. We say that Iboga is a “mind medicine“, expertly showing us our truth far beyond the reality that our mind has woven for us.

Psychology is a fascinating, complex, and ultimately beautiful phenomenon. The ways in which our minds adapt to keep us “safe” is nothing short of miraculous. Up until recently most treatment for psychological discomfort was focused on working with the 5%-7% of the mind that is conscious. The problem is; that all of our behavioral and thought programs are stored in the 95% of the subconscious mind that remains untapped with conventional therapies.  

At Awaken Your Soul we are passionate about a holistic approach to sacred and shamanic medicine work. Many methods historically have been “serve the medicine and let the medicine and the person sort out the truth“. And while this is ultimately how it works, the additions of psychological, physical and emotional preparation, along with supportive modalities during the retreat and integration can take psychedelic assisted therapy to new levels of efficacy. This we believe will greatly move the needle to create the change that we wish to see within ourselves and in the world around us.  

Our hope is that in these preparatory content you find ah-ha moments that catapult your awareness of yourself to new levels so that you and Iboga can dig even deeper. The deep well of your empowered essence, presence and unencumbered truth is waiting to be discovered. We are humbled by your courage and look forward to taking this journey with you!

It is important to mention that there are many different approaches to mental and spiritual wellness, in no way to we believe that this is the only way. Our approach has been informed by Iboga, our own personal journeys and by the experience of working with 1000+ people during our study with this medicine. We invite you to explore what we offer as well as use your own internal compass and beliefs to guide your experience with this powerful plant teacher!

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