About Awaken Your Soul

Our center, located on 91 acres of lush mountain-jungle terrain, offers those seeking refuge from the constant pulling and demands of life in the Western world an opportunity to retreat. In this act of conscious withdrawal, we are allotted a more profound look into the facets of our lives no longer serving us that might call for adjustment, change, or surrender.

When tradition, nature, and the space to explore ourselves is combined with the wisdom of Iboga, our inner self-healing potentiates. This manifests in alleviating trauma, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), depression, addiction, anxiety, and psychospiritual/psychosomatic healing. Although Iboga is not a "magic pill" here to solve all of one's problems, you will find that a unique transformation will take place, creating the internal environment necessary for the continued evolution of your healing and spiritual awakening during the integrative portion of your journey.

We offer various healing modalities; each intentionally selected to assist in the communion between our guests and the spirit of Iboga. These include natural foods, yoga, breathwork, art therapy, meditation, sound healing, one-on-one counseling, group sharing circles, energy healing, traditional cleansing rituals, and meditation. All the while remaining immersed in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica with access to our one-acre swimming pool supplied by natural mountain water.

We also understand the importance of integration and offer guest preparatory, onsite, and post-integration support as part of our commitment to your well-being beyond your time here with an Iboga-dedicated integration guide. In addition, we have monthly integration calls, newsletters, and special contributors who provide integrative tools for our guests in their post-AYS time.

About Awaken Your Soul

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