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Zaida Zúníga

Facilitator, Massage Angel, Sound Healing

A gift from the heavens Zaida pours love into everything that she touches. She is considered one of our main facilitators as the experience on her table wrapped in her love and wisdom is nothing short of transformational. She has been holistic therapist with over 20 years of experience in massage therapy, sound healing, and other recovery therapies. Since 2012 Zaida has worked in Iboga & Ibogaine medicine centers for addiction and trauma recovery, such as Root Revolution, I Begin Again, and Iboga Life. Her passion for helping others improve their well-being led her to be involved as a healing therapist with different wellness centers like The Retreat Costa Rica, VidaAsana, La Eco Villa, and Surf Sinergy, among others.

Additionally Zaida has been trained in Ayurveda, Stretch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Dowsing & pendulums. Her knowledge and experience also extend to Chakra Balancing, medicinal plants, plant-based nutrition, natural cosmetics, crafted massage oil making, and sacred plant facilitation. She is also an entrepreneur; she started the "Healing Hands" brand by providing holistic treatments, massage classes, wellness protocol guidance, and spa consulting services.

Zaida joined the Awaken Your Soul tribe as the lead holistic therapist in 2021 to provide massage therapy, Ayurveda treatments, exfoliation & energy rejuvenating therapies, sounds healing and support to the guests throughout their discovering and recovering process. She offers a deep container of compassion and unconditional love during her healing sessions and is a vital part of our facilitation team!

Zaida Awaken Your Soul

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