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Pamela Wetta

Head Chef

Pamela always knew she wanted to be a Chef. Since she was very young, her mom always taught her she could be anyone that she wanted to be. Turning vegetarian over 20 years ago, after an eye opening experience living abroad in Brazil, had an everlasting impacting in her eating habits. She realized that the cruelty to animals was something that she could never be a part of.

Two decades later Pam moved from the United States to her mother’s native land of Costa Rica to open two vegetarian restaurants with her husband at that time. After 11 years working in her restaurants her life started to crumble once she realized that her partner was being unfaithful. Pam turned to plant medicine to heal her broken heart and rediscover her worth- that’s when her true journey inward began.

This path of personal discovery has lead her to honor her own inner wisdom and has allowed her to reconnect to her power and celebrate this life that she once thought was so empty, painful, and void of inspiration.

Pam has been on this path for five years yet she feels that the journey has just begun. Working as Awaken Your Soul is the perfect opportunity to her gifts as a chef, as a jewelry designer and to continue to look within!

Pamela Awaken Your Soul

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