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Bwiti Nganga (Healer), Facilitator

Maviango is a traditional practitioner and a skilled Mugongo (musical bow) player, originating from the Punu tribe, part of the panther clan. Influenced by his father, a renowned Nima (spiritual father), Maviango’s spiritual journey with the Iboga plant and the Ngonde Missoko Bwiti tradition started in his childhood. His extensive travels across Gabon, observing his father’s varied healing practices, have significantly enriched his experience and skills. Deeply initiated into the Ngonde Missoko Bwiti tradition, Maviango has focused on its principles of vision, diagnosis, and healing. He has completed significant rites of passage, including the Mwiri and Kono, which have been crucial in teaching him about responsibility, respect, commitment, and gender roles, aiding his spiritual growth and understanding of manhood.

Dedicated over two decades to the Ebando community, Maviango has guided hundreds of Banzis (Bwiti initiates), including those from Western backgrounds. His vast knowledge of Gabonese plant medicine, combined with his understanding of diverse cultural perspectives, has been invaluable in his role. He is also inspired by the holistic approach at Awaken Your Soul, he himself also working with other healing modalities that compliment Iboga.

In Bwiti ceremonies, Maviango is renowned for his expertise in the healing properties of forest plants. He actively engages in various ritual aspects, including plant and smoke baths, forest rituals, and purification practices using natural elements. His participation in dancing and chanting is a source of inspiration and guidance for many.

Maviango adopts a patient-centered approach in ceremonies, focusing on the individual care and spiritual guidance of initiates. He advocates for the transformative power of Iboga as a tool for connection, healing, and self- discovery. His role includes playing the Mugongo, ensuring adherence to Bwiti protocol, and assisting initiates in deepening their understanding of their experiences. Fluent in Punu and French, and currently learning English, Maviango is committed to preserving and sharing his knowledge. He is dedicated to maintaining the Bwiti tradition for future generations, highlighting the significance of cultural heritage and spiritual wisdom.

You can listen to his songs on band camp or if you feel called to learn how to play the Mugongo, you can contact him on WhatsApp +241 60 20 24 26.

Maviango- Bwiti Nganga (Healer), Facilitator

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