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Luna Francesca

A Force to Be Reckoned With!

Lunita’s little spirit entered her mother’s belly November of 2018 unknowingly, just 2 weeks before Amber visited Gabon to be initiated into the Bwiti tradition. Luna translates to “moon” in Spanish and Italian. An important sprit for the Iboga medicine, the Moon represents the power of the divine feminine and a sacred space for journeyers to connect with ancestors.

The mother moon has profound wisdom to share as does our little Lunita, embracing herself and others fully and embodying pure joy.

Always smiling- Lunita is a bright light for our Sanctuary! She loves to sing, dance, swim in our majestic pool, paly with art, eat and most of all bring unconditional love to herself and to the world around her. The medicine Luna brings is palpable in modeling to us all how to embody the pure light and innocence of our inner child.

Lunita Awaken Your Soul

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