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Joelle Nguimbi

Facilitator, Bwiti Initiate

Joelle, with her rich Asian-European heritage, has a life story that spans across continents. Born in Thailand and raised in Switzerland, her experiences have been shaped by her travels, each contributing to her belief in the importance of diversity and her understanding of the world. Her education encompasses a wide range of subjects, including art and media, permaculture, apiculture, and mushroom cultivation. Additionally, Joelle is versed in various practices such as Yoga, Ayurveda, and Breathwork. A deep-rooted passion for ethnobotany, which began in childhood, has led her to explore consciousness through entheogens, experiences that have been transformative and led to personal growth and a richer understanding of the human condition.

Joelle's life took a significant turn following her first experience with Iboga at Awaken Your Soul and her subsequent initiation into the Bwiti tradition in Gabon, where she now lives and contributes to community development through permaculture and beekeeping. Her life-changing experiences with Iboga have been instrumental in helping her overcome personal challenges and in discovering her self. Having worked as a translator and facilitator at Ebando, Joelle has assisted in multiple Bwiti ceremonies across various rites in Gabon. In retreats, she focuses on care and safety, dedicating herself to aiding others on their paths of self-discovery and emancipation. Fluent in French, English, German, and Thai, Joelle truly embodies the spirit of a global citizen, deeply committed to respecting and learning from indigenous knowledge.

Joelle Nguimbi - Facilitator, Bwiti Initiate

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