Meet Our Tribe

Maria and Amanda

Housekeeping Specialists

Amanda lives in the nearby town of San Ramón. She has 3 kids and her favorite hobby is to spend time in nature and at the beach. Amanda believes that Universe brought her to Awaken your Soul almost two years ago where she found a family. “I am so happy to see the work we do here, and see how the medicine change your life. For me the medicine has help me to understand my self better and helped heal my heart.”

Maria helped open Awaken Your Soul and just like the retreat she is always evolving. Maria grew up in a small town nearby and has two young boys, spending time with them at the beach whenever she can. She is friendly and enjoys helping people. “At Awaken your Soul I feel I have grown as a human being, I am more expressive now and I have learned a lot about tolerance and loving.” Marias favorite thing about her job here is feeling that we are family and we all support and help each other.

Maria and Amanda Awaken Your Soul

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