At Awaken Your Soul, we believe in a holistic approach to overall emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. These services are the perfect complement to your transformational Iboga experience.

Yoga at Awaken Your Soul


Yoga and our body-centered experiences are integral to our sacred journey with plants, as they are both a journey within. Our yoga instructor Jo offers gentle vinyasa, kundalini, yin yoga, and restorative somatic practices that assist in releasing trauma from the body, strengthening the mind-body connection, and ultimately helping in dropping from the mind and into the heart.

Sound Journey at Awaken Your Soul

Sound Journey

Sound Energy Healing facilitates the release of negative "heavy" energy from your being. As the sound waves penetrate your tissues, cells, and organs, the stagnant or stuck energy is liberated. This often brings about mental, physical, and emotional benefits that are quickly felt in a transcendental experience. During the sound journeys, Jo & Troy offer a trance-like meditation and self-healing journey while immersing you within an ocean of sound medicine focused on the endocrine system (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#).

Guided Meditation at Awaken Your Soul

Guided Meditation

Our meditation sessions will offer you an opportunity to enter a blissful Theta brainwave state with ease and guidance. In the Theta state, our brains are in an ideal frequency to attend to our healing, creativity, reprogramming and wellbeing. The benefits of entering Theta state extend well beyond the meditation period and support overall relaxation and connection to self. This can be an incredible tool for preparing for and integrating your plant medicine experiences.

Breathwork at Awaken Your Soul


Breathwork is a modern term for the ancient practices of breathing consciously using a number of specific techniques based on yogic breathing, or 'pranayama'. Jo combines holotropic, somatic and rebirthing modalities that can bypass the thinking mind to relieve stress, deeply nourish the nervous system, improve overall health, boost energy, process emotions and give access to heightened states of consciousness.

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