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Troy Valencia

Iboga Provider, Bwiti Initiate, Integration Guide

Troy was born and raised in San Diego and is of West-Central African and European descent. He was a product of the foster system, never having met his biological father, and was born to a mother who was a drug addict, sex worker, and HIV positive. Despite being adopted by a loving family of Filipino lineage, he lived his entire childhood in a perpetual state of abandonment, abuse, and violence. Troy used basketball to escape the socioeconomic conditions of his upbringing and attended college as a full-scholar collegiate athlete. He majored in Biology and Chemistry and earned a graduate education in Analytical Chemistry.

After experiencing Ayahuasca in 2018, Troy found Iboga, which called for him to liberate himself from his lucrative career and joyful life in the USA to serve the spirit of the medicine as he walks the path of Selfless-Service (Karma Yoga). Since his awakening in 2018, Troy has attained certification from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) as Spiritual Consoler and a second master’s degree in East-West Psychology. In addition, Troy is certified as Spiritual Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, and advanced Pranic Healer focused on modalities related to Pranic Psychotherapy. In addition to his studious nature, Troy is a gifted sound healer with an internationally known album on all streaming platforms called Sounds of Medicine.

Troy believes that as an Iboga provider at AYS, his primary responsibility is to serve as a conduit for the Spirit of Iboga to ensure a safe and integrative guest experience with Iboga. He takes a “meet them where they are at” approach to holding space and vibrates a peaceful, compassionate, and calming nature that can be tangibly felt, invoking trust and safety in all he meets.

Troy is a Clinical Psychology (PsyD.) doctoral student at California Southern University and plans to attain licensure as a  Psychospiritual Psychologist in private practice. He hopes to serve underprivileged communities with holistic psychospiritual and psychosomatic well-being approaches while offering scholarship opportunities for those in need to work with Iboga at Awaken, Your Soul.

Troy is always found alongside his best friend and spiritual guide/dog, Blue. He attributes his internal state of liberation to his spiritual teacher, sacred plant medicines, spiritual practice and the being/life events who have guided him along the way.

To work with Troy, you can access him as a Spiritual or Integration Coach through his coaching platform Authentic Empowerment.

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