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Maia Neveu

Facilitator, Meditation Practitioner

Maia is a meditation teacher, guide, and student of postgraduate counseling studies. She has a background in environment, Indigenous Studies, and Philosophy. In addition to her formal studies, Maia has spent a great deal of time exploring various other wisdom and knowledge systems. She has dedicated herself to a life filled with growth and learning, allowing her to continuously evolve and view the world through new and different lenses. Maia’s personal life experiences have been diverse, beautiful and at times challenging. She loves to work with people, and her personal experiences enable her to instinctively inhabit a space of compassion, gentleness, and understanding towards other beings. Maia advocates for a soulful and holistic approach to healthfulness, one that accounts for the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of our beings. Her philosophy of well-being can be imagined as a tree rooted in nourishing soils of compassion, spaciousness, patience, and presence. She believes that from this fertile ground, we can grow strong branches that will support our vitality, flourishing, and the deepening of our connection to our own souls. In her spare time, Maia can be found reading, creating, and communing with the “more-than-human” (natural) world. Maia’s daily practices include elements of movement, stillness, and time spent in nature. She weaves her deep respect for the natural world throughout all aspects of her life and shares her reverence for the universe with those around her.

Maia Awaken Your Soul

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