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Keith Walters

Facilitator, Bwiti Initiate, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Integration Guide

Keith was born and raised in the Mountains of Montana on the land that was originally stewarded by the Apsáalooke (Crow) Indigenous People. His deep love and reverence for Mother Earth and the natural world run deep in his blood and provide a pure and stable foundation for the medicine that flows through him.

Keith’s medicine journey is one that is truly unique, mysterious and unpredictable, and a profound example of the initiatory path of the healer. The moment he was introduced to Ayahuasca in 2012, he knew that his life calling was to be a steward to the plants and living his life in service to the embodiment of their ancient wisdom. He has since devoted his life to the medicine path and the path of mastery through a truly unique and diverse synthesis of ancient and timeless wisdom traditions that are rooted in their highly practical application and ability to ground consciousness into the body.

In 2014 Keith first met Iboga and instantly recognized it to be truly unique from all of the other plant medicines in its ability to deliver truth in a highly precise, direct and practical way. He was guided by the medicine to journey to its native homeland of Gabon, Africa, in 2018, where he was initiated into the Bwiti Tradition, undergoing a series of initiations and tests before and after, helping to further strengthen his medicine and ability to hold impeccable space for himself and others.

Keith embodies a strong athlete and warrior archetype in a highly integrated, and gentle way. As a young boy, he found love and joy through his passion for sports, which developed into becoming a Division One Collegiate Baseball player, and later as a Professional Triathlete. He also served as an officer in the United States Army, where he competed internationally as a member of the U.S. Military Triathlon team.

Believing that life is a sacred ceremony, Keith is inspired to share the art of ceremony with others. He is an initiate and an advanced practitioner of many ancient and modern wisdom traditions that deeply resonate with him due to their timeless and universal nature, practical application and ability to invoke deep truth. These include the Yungdrung Bön lineage of Tibet, the Cusco Wachu and Q’ero Wachu Lineages of the Andes Region, the Vegetelista Tradition of Amazonian Shamanism, the Human Design System, Ashtanga Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He believes that truth resides in the intentional synthesis of these systems and that his medicine is the embodiment of and devotion to the ever-evolving mastery and perfection of these practices.

In 2016 Keith began working in the field of addiction, recovery and trauma healing. He credits this experience with helping to heal and transform these areas within himself, including ancestral trauma, depression, addiction and soul sickness. He adheres to the philosophy that in order to hold space for others to heal, you must have direct experience with the frequency, vibration or energy that they are working with.

Keith is passionate about the body and its infinite wisdom, and considers it to be the most sacred instrument and temple that one could ever know. He loves surfing and playing in the ocean, yoga, meditation, working with the breath, running & hiking in nature, Qigong, cold-plunging and weight training.

Keith Walters - Facilitator, Bwiti Initiate, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Integration Guide

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