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Joaly Trinidad

Facilitator, Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher

Joaly Trinidad, best known as Jo, is a Queens, New York native with a Dominican heritage strongly rooted in Taino and Africa.

As a young girl Jo felt guided by the wisdom, visions, and dreams of her ancestors who were clairesentient and clairvoyant healers and herbal practitioners. She felt called to understanding the mind through studying psychology, using arts to overcome her own emotional traumas/wounds, and uncovering sacred shamanic healing rituals practiced by her ancestors.

Jo’s journey led her to connect to the spirit of Grandma Iboga which helped her find a deeper sense of compassion for her wounded inner child and release fear, shame, and self-disgust stored in her body due to sexual, physical, and emotional trauma. The medicine revealed the impact of not only her own trauma but generational trauma as well. This gave her insight of why she had developed patterns of dissociating with her body, negative self talk, people pleasing tendencies, and lack of self worth. By integrating the fragmented parts of herself, Jo was able to further bridge her authentic essence to her divine purpose.

She is a service oriented herbalist, healing arts creator, certified sound therapist, Biofield Tuning practitioner, and yoga instructor. In addition she holds a double major Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Media Arts Studies and a Masters degree in Counseling from NYU. She is passionate about aiding individuals discovering their healing magic within and sources her connection with her ancestors, plant, and animal medicine as a means of communicating her practice. She’s an intuitive medicine woman with a fine radar for subtle frequencies and a deep reverence for Iboga.

Joaly Awaken Your Soul

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