About Awaken Your Soul

Brad & Sarah

Ayahuasca Provider and Ceremonialists

Brad’s true calling in life is helping others to remember their true essence.  He has years of study, trainings, and experience with plant medicine. Brad speaks volumes through silence and presence. His speak is soul to soul. The compassion, love, and belief in the medicine he carries creates a loving space for profound healing.  His wisdom and knowledge bring you home. Ceremony with Brad is like one big long lasting loving hug.

Sarah’s true calling in life is to invoke the Devine feminine in us all. She has been studying everything ancient her entire life. Her ceremonies embody trust, truth, and unconditional love. Sarah’s ability to summon the ancient ones through her music and prayer awakens your soul with wisdom. Her commitment to plant medicine reminds us to trust the sacredness of not only our own life but all life.

Ceremonies with Sarah and Brad are rooted in the honouring of Grandmother Ayahuasca as ancient wisdom to help us remember our true self. Their commitment to the traditions, teachings, and guidance is what creates the scared space for surrender, stillness, and connection to our infinite light. Sharing this experience will take us home and set us free to know we are simply love.

Brad and Sarah Awaken Your Soul

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