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Abhay Charan Das

Ayahuasca Facilitator

Abhay Charan Das is an incredible being of love and light. His roots extend to the beautiful Atlantic rainforests of Brazil, the Santo Daime church and Bhakti yoga community. He’s a lifelong student of the Hare Krishna philosophy and a practitioner of theta healing energetic modality for well being through which he channels messages of divine love and unity.

Abhay fills his cup and nourishes his being through dancing, surfing, running in nature, boxing, kirtan and bhajan which entail sacred prayers and singing from India which align him with unconditional love.

Santo Daime, founded by Raimundo Irineu Serra, also known as Mestre (Master) Irineu, incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions including Folk Catholicism, Kardecist Spiritism, African animism and indigenous South American shamanism, including vegetalismo through which shamans receive their wisdom and cures through hallucinogenic plants such as Ayahuasca. He brings to Awaken Your Soul not only the medicine of lightness and play, but the medicine of his community and family, which is the Santo Daime Ayahuasca, best described by the curator of the medicine, and his mother

“The Medicine of Santo Daime reconnects us with the sacred fire within, The Divine Mother, The Divine Father, the beloved son, and the Holy Spirit. From this, a direct link is made between your higher consciousness and embodied daily experience.

The integration and embodiment of the kingdom of God found in the medicine, which we have inside us is again ignited and restored. We call in the wisdom of expanded consciousness and higher vibration inside our hearts to share with the world.

She (Medicine) offers us liberation from the imaginary world of fear that our ego creates. She is the conduit to the depth of our being allowing us to overflow from the inside to the outside Kingdom of unconditional Love!”

- Mother Krsna Priya

Abhay Awaken Your Soul

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